Agriculture Resilience and Competitiveness Project

The Project Development Objective (PDO)

The Project Development Objective (PDO) is to enhance agriculture sector resilience and increase competitiveness towards EU market accession.

The PDO will be measured by the following indicators:

  • Farmers adopting improved agricultural technology; Corporate Results Indicator (Definition: This indicator measures the increase in productivity resulting from adoption of improved agriculture technology promoted by the project. The information will be disaggregated by category of technology adopted, gender and youth/non-youth.)
  • Percentage of agri-food enterprises supported by the project reporting increases in sales.
  • Area provided with new or improved irrigation and drainage services; Corporate Results Indicator (The beneficiaries will be disaggregated by gender and youth/non-youth.)
  • Food safety and quality standards adopted and implemented by the project beneficiaries and public institutions.
  • Beneficiaries trained in climate smart production practices and/or technologies.

Project description

Project Components

  • Component 1: Enhancing Public Support Resilience and Traceability with the following sub- components:
    • Sub-Component 1.1 – Enhancing Agriculture Information Systems;
    • Sub-Component 1.2 – Supporting Climate-Resilient Agriculture
  • Component 2: Improving Agriculture Productivity, Adaptation to Climate Change, and Enhancing Linkages with Markets with the following sub-components:
    • Sub-component 2.1 – Strengthening Value Chains and Developing Productive Partnerships;
    • Sub-component 2.2 – Improving Irrigation and Drainage Systems for Climate Change Adaptation
      • Rehabilitation/modernization of selected irrigation and drainage systems;
      • Strengthening of irrigation and drainage management institutions
  • Component 3: Enhancing Food Quality and Safety with the following sub-components:
    • Sub-component 3.1 – Food Quality and Safety Standards;
    • Sub-component 3.2 – Information Technology (IT) Systems for Food Safety Enhancement
  • Component 4: Project Management

Project documents